The easiest way to become healthy and whole… using revolutionary music and meditation technologies

Without depriving yourself


Eating boring green salads all day


Spending time you don’t have

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If you have five minutes a day… then you CAN become healthier and happier!

You were born into music.

It affects you down to the cellular level.

The sounds around you can either help or hurt you

It’s time to consciously pick the sound you’re surrounding yourself with…

And it all starts with one note

Discover what Health Sounds Music can do for you!

  • Feel relaxed and peaceful in only 5 minutes a day
  • Gain more clarity and health in your life
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Who is The Music Health Coach?

I’m Lori-ann Cunningham, Certified Holistic Health Coach (IIN grad, 2012), award-winning musician extraordinaire (CMU grad 1999, BA in Vocal Performance, professional recording artist since 2006), creator of Health Sounds Music, and sought after motivational speaker and performer.

I’m on a mission to spread the untapped song of music health; to reform how health is viewed and taught. Music is an experience, not just something we hear. We experience music through every cell of our body, with the ability of fine-tuning all our instruments to personal health, if used correctly.

I’ve combined science and intuition for a one-of-a-kind musical and meditation experience, and all it takes is five minutes a day.

And I do all this while chasing after 4 adorable, crazy boys…

Music isn’t only for those looking to sing, dance, and forget their problems momentarily; it can actually help many health concerns for good with the sensory ability to reach and change your mind, body, and soul within seconds!

Let me show you how!

Milan Perry

Listening to Lori-ann’s music is exactly what I need. At times as an entrepreneur my mind is racing with creative thoughts which can be disturbing in itself. Thank you, Lori-ann, for providing the environment that helped me to stop, focus and calm my thoughts.

Milan Perry
Connie Oestreich

Lori-ann, your music is so relaxing and your voice and the tempo at which you speak is so soothing. Your voice works so well with the music, so many times I’ve experienced the guided messages not flowing well with the music. So NOT the case with your words and music. My only complaint is that I wanted to listen to it longer!!!!

Connie Oestreich
Julie Endl

I was able to enjoy Lori-ann’s music at a retreat this past fall. I particularly loved the song with her voice spoken with intentions. The song has helped me by feeling more confident and self assured. Lori-ann has a gift for creating music that is both reflective and calming.

Julie Endl


Unless you like being stressed out and anxious all the time…

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