The Ultimate Health Shift

Have you tried to make a change in your health or lifestyle and it works for a few days, weeks or even months but then you always seem to end up back where you started? Do you wish for an ultimate health shift?

Are you ready to finally find something that actually works for you?

Then you’re in for a treat in this special interview on The Health Sounds Revolution Podcast, “The Ultimate Health Shift” feat. Dr. Katie Henry


Enjoy this interview with the energetic and passionate, Dr. Katie Henry. Katie is an intuitive lifestyle coach and Desire Map Facilitator. She has a background in as a doctor in physical therapy and yoga teacher.


Ultimate Health Shift


In this interview, Dr. Katie shares:

  • What Desire Mapping is and why it’s the key in creating the life you want
  • Why it’s important for people working in a service industry to make their own health a priority
  • What one simple thing everyone can do to transform their health and happiness
  • How you can make the ultimate shift in your health!



Katie has an online summit coming up, The Ultimate Health Shift, that features 35 health and wellness experts (I’m one of them!) that will have you busting barriers, transforming thoughts, and nourishing your body and soul. It’s a very holistic way of approaching your health and wellness. I guarantee you won’t find a line up like this anywhere else in the world!

The Ultimate Health Shift starts Monday, February 6th, 2017. Go HERE to sign up.


“Your Healthiest Brain” feat Dr. Simone Ravicz

Did you know the idea that our brains stopped developing after adolescence is totally, completely wrong? You can change your brain with the activities you do, the foods you eat, and how you live your life, at any age, so you can have your healthiest brain ever!

It was my privilege to interview Dr. Simone Ravicz on The Health Sounds Revolution Podcast on how to get your healthiest brain of your life!

Healthy Brain
This interview was jaw dropping, filled to the brim with inspirational ways you can easily change your brain, and therefore, change your entire life!

This interview definitely left me astonished, and it will you too!

Get out your pen and paper. You’re going to want to take notes, guaranteed.



In this interview, Dr. Simone shares:

  • How being a Type A and a perfectionist landed her in the hospital for three months… and she almost died twice
  • The truth about brain development and what you can do change your brain at any age!
  • How the brain is different in people who meditate
  • How changing the structure of your brain changes your lives experience
  • How visualizing is exactly the same as experiencing something… at least in our brains
  • Why exercise helps your long term memory
  • How to increase the youthfulness in your brain
  • What percentage of your thoughts are negative, what this can do for your health, and how you can change and make new, positive neuro-pathways

Dr. Simone is hosting a worldwide event called The Global Cutting Edge Coaching Event: Maximizing Your Income While Optimizing Your Client’s Result. Learn from leaders specializing in cutting edge and alternative approaches and techniques. It’s running January 23 – Feb 1st, 2017.

If you were inspired by and loved this interview, then I strongly recommend you sing up to attend The Global Cutting Edge Coaching Event.


Now it’s YOUR turn: What new nuggets of information did you learn on how to get your healthiest brain ever? Share in the comments below.


Success through Failing

Have you thought about that you have success through failing? That it’s through your darkest hours, that you find your greatest gifts?

It’s through those dark times that we are shaped and either become bitter or better. Which do you choose? If you want to become better, then today’s podcast episode is for you!

Introducing the book and movement, “Success through Failing… Finding Our Greatest Gifts in Our Darkest Hours”.


In today’s Health Sounds Revolution Podcast episode, join returning guest Wendy Bunnell to gain inspiration for your dreams as she shares about the book and project, “Success through Failing”.


In this episode, Wendy talks about:

* What it has been like working with 25 power house women
Hear how the concept of the book came about
* Discover how inspiration played a huge role in the completion of the entire project
* Why Success through Failing is not just a book… but a movement
* How you can be involved to be nurtured, have a seed of hope planted in your heart and mind, and then take action!
* What happened to get Wendy emotional on the podcast

This is a do-not-miss episode!

Special Note:
The date of the book launch has changed! Now both the digital and hard copy of the book will be available February 2nd!

Find more about Success through Failing at

Register for the Success Summit for FEBRUARY 4th, 2017 at (Live and Virtually). Click my name, Lori Cunningham, in the drop-down. Use either the code 100Humanitarians or Daysforgirls to get 30% off the ticket, for a limited time only.

If you prefer audio only, go HERE. At the end of the audio version of this episode, you’ll be able to hear the full version of the theme song I wrote for Success through Failing.

Now it’s YOUR turn! What is your success through failing? Share in the comments below.

Weight Loss by “Getting Your Happy Back” feat. Angela Mager

Have you tried to every way to lose weight, but nothing has worked? Maybe your weight loss efforts need a bit of a happy shift!

Introducing your new weight loss best friend, Angela Mager

I chose to feature Angela Mager on this special episode of The Health Sounds Revolution Podcast because of her unique philosophy of weight loss by “getting your happy on”.

In this podcast, Angela shares:

  • How “Getting Your Happy On” is successful for weight loss.
  • Why nursing wasn’t fulfilling because she couldn’t make the kind of impact she wanted to make.
  • Why having fun while trying new things is a great way to become healthy
  • Why our health is so much more than exercising and eating healthy.
  • How to remove the triggers from past experiences that are affecting your health now
  • How she overcame her personal struggles with getting attention.
  • Why positive psychology is the key for weight loss and our overall well-being.

Watch the interview below:

Check out this quote from our interview!

Weight Loss with Angela Mager

If you prefer to listen instead of watch, go HERE.

Find out more about Angela and her work at:

Join Angela’s Facebook Group:
Facebook Group – Get Your Happy Back

Now it’s YOUR turn: What is one big takeaway you had because of this interview? Leave a comment below!

How to Strategically Use Music in Your Business

If you’re not using music in your business, you’re leaving out a huge area of engagement, emotion, influence, and transformation from your coaching business. But how? Are you unsure how can you do this? It’s easier than you think! Keep reading because this blog post and video are all about how to strategically use music in your business.


On a side note, this is NOT a blog post talking about all the legal issues with using music. That will be in a feature post.

Pro Tip

When you weave music into your coaching practice, be aware of this main thing: It needs to make sense with what you do in your business. The sound and feeling needs to match your brand.

To get all the juicy details, watch the video below.



Now it’s time to create that strategy! If you’re a skimmer (like me), then a bullet list will definitely help!

But first, you need to understand WHY you want to use music in your business.

  • Music influences your clients thinking, their moods, and their understanding
  • Music pulls, influences, and invokes deep emotions
  • People are motivated by emotions, not by more information
  • You want to have a business that has an emotional pull
  • Music makes your brand sticky and memorable
  • Music helps with client transformation because it taps into the subconscious mind

Pro Tip

Not only are we motivated by emotions, but 70% of what we do is because of our subconscious mind. You want to make client changes in their subconscious mind to create the easiest transformation possible, plus it will be long-term!

Here’s how to strategically use music in your business:

  • Music in videos – intros, podcasts, outro’s or exits
  • Use music in sales videos to influence people’s buying decisionsUse music in regular videos
  • Play music during slideshow videos showing recipes, etc
  • Play music during How-To videos
  • Use Recorded Guided Meditations as bonuses in programs and as a part of a freebie opt-in
  • Music playing during live event
  • Have a signature song made to play at live events
  • Play music as energy breaks at live events
  • Give guided meditation or visualization on a flash drive at live event
  • Use during live yoga classes
  • Use music during live guided meditations
  • Give in a Client Welcome Package
  • Create a Sales Page playlist for people to play while they’re browsing (never have it on auto-play though!)
  • Create a Spotify Playlist for clients to listen to
  • Give CD’s as gifts
  • Create Custom Meditations for clients

Do you want this list as a nifty PDF ready-to-print-and-use checklist? Click here to download. No opt-in or email needed. You’re welcome. 🙂 


Did anything on this list inspire you? Or do you need help knowing how to strategically use music in your business? Leave a comment below.

Self Confidence feat. Confidence Coach Wendy Bunnell

Do you have a little negative voice in your head, running constantly, that undermines your self confidence?

The newest episode of The Health Sounds Revolution Podcast is for you!

In this special edition of The Health Sounds Revolution Podcast, I interviewed confidence coach, Wendy Bunnell. This is an episode you don’t want to miss! We had so much fun… there’s laughs, there’s some amazing insights… be prepared to be truly inspired!

In this interview, Wendy and I talk about:

  • How to be your best advocate instead of being your worst enemy
  • Your external world is a direct reflection at what’s going on internally
  • When you’re confident in yourself, people pick up on that, and they want to be a part of your world and what you’re doing and be connected with you.
  • How to turn off that negative voice in your head and turn on the one that’s loving and kind and so you’re your greatest cheerleader and advocate.
  • What authentic confidence is and why it’s especially important as an entrepreneur

Watch the interview below:

One of my favorite things in the Podcast was the definition Wendy gave for confidence. It’s one of the best I’ve ever heard!


Now it’s YOUR turn: What is one big takeaway you had because of this interview? Leave a comment below!

Branding; Forbes Article Breakdown

Recently Forbes released a post by their Forbes Coaches Council where successful coaches shared their insights on successful branding for today’s society.

(You can find the original article here –  “13 Key Strategies for a Successful Brand in Today’s Society”)

There are many points I completely agree with, but they missed the mark on something vitally important with a brand… something that will make your branding unstoppable and memorable, and completely, 100% YOU!

Forbes Branding Article Breakdown


“A brand is so much more than a logo or its visual elements, and building a strong one is often equal to, if not more important, than the product or service itself.”

YES! Finally others are recognizing and talking about that branding is more than visual, however, they miss an important aspect that I will point out by expanding on three of the 13 points… keep on reading!


Point #2 – Create an Emotional Appeal

“A key way to build a successful brand is to use emotive appeal by creating an association between the product or service and an emotion. When we understand the key desires and struggles of our target market, we can build a brand persona that shows how our product can help our target market achieve their desired state of feeling. Most buying decisions are emotional in nature.”

Thank you so much, Caroline Soldo! We MUST create an emotional experience for our audience. If you don’t, then you won’t be in business for long.

So just HOW do you create an emotional appeal or experience?

Why, through sound and music, of course! In other words, Sound Branding.

What is Sound Branding? Sound Branding is the strategic use of sound as an integral part of any brand identity. It’s becoming a significant way to convey memorable messages to targeted customers, taking advantage of the power memory of sound and it’s way to enhance and provoke deep emotions.

Think of movie soundtracks. The film itself would be dead without the carefully composed and orchestrated soundtrack. How the music, paired with the visual film, can tug at our hearts, make us laugh uncontrollably, or sit on the edge of our seats in dreaded anticipation. And that’s exactly what sound branding can do for your brand too!


Point #7 – Be Consistent

“A brand is a promise of an experience and is directly connected to trust. If you want to build a successful brand, first be clear on the brand personality. What are the ABC’s: attributes, behaviors and characteristics of the brand? Then ensure that every interaction a client has with the brand infuses those ABC’s into it. Consistency builds trust and solidifies the brand.” – Michelle Tillis Lederman

Music and sound is the perrrfect way to enhance your brand’s personality. You absolutely must consistent with using it too. That’s how the sound becomes memorable and embeds itself in the subconscious and long term memory of your clients; which is exactly what you want!


Point #8 – Understand Branding Is Not About Positioning

“Drop the belief that branding is about positioning. Your brand is the sum total of how people experience you. Experience goes beyond visual identity and marketing messages. Yes, dial in your messaging, but also look for ways to wow people in their encounters with you. See every touch point as an opportunity to uplift your customers and leave them feeling better about themselves, not just your brand.” – Joseph Ranseth

Again, it’s about creating experiences. We are more than what we see; we have four other senses. The most powerful is the sense of sound. Music and sound affects our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves within seconds. Utilizing this strategically in your branding could be a game changer!

As you can see, experts all agree that brands need to do something different, above and beyond the norm, to be successful. Sound Branding hits many of these targets.

Give it a try!

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How Sound Affects Your Health

Have you ever considered your sound “diet”? How sound affects your health and well being? If not, you should!

How Sound Affects Your Health

Today I talk about how sound affects your health and why you should consciously choose the sound “diet” you take in on a daily basis. You CAN be in control of the sounds around you!

Every second of every day, we are taking in and analyzing the sounds around us, even if you’re not conscious of it. This is a necessary part of our brain that assesses our safety.

Unfortunately, in our culture, no one thinks about sonic environments and how it affects us. In fact, the louder the better!

William H. Steward, a former US surgeon general says, “Calling noise a nuisance is like calling smog an inconvenience. Noise must be considered a hazard to the health of people everywhere.”

What happens when there’s too much sound to process? The brain goes into high alert mode and we aren’t able to sufficiently process all the noise around us. Being that alert can make you agitated, anxious, and stressed, which in turn can lead to further health issues. If we become overloaded with sound, our systems begin to close down. The long-term effect is barely noticeable, but it IS there. Over a period of time, we begin to notice that we don’t hear as well as we used to, we might be easily fatigued, or our focus seems scattered.

What can you do about the sounds surrounding you so you can be sure you’re feeding your body the kind of sounds it needs to be healthy and happy?

The first step is to take a day to assess and really listen. Choose different times of the day to listen. Take notes. Also note down how those sounds make you feel and any physical reactions you have. Just by becoming aware, you will be empowered to start making changes. By doing this, you will become unburdened by the sounds you didn’t know were affecting you.

Stay tuned because I’ll be sharing more tools you can use to make your sonic diet healthier!

Now is YOUR turn: What is YOUR sonic diet? How can you be more conscious about the sounds you’re allowing into your life.

The Top 3 Health Benefits of Music

If you’ve never thought about sound being a nutrient, it’s high time to start. Sound is an essential nutrient to the nervous system and benefits us greatly. What just are the health benefits of music?

Top 3 Health Benefits of Music

10 out of the 12 cranial nerves are affected by the ears, including the main nerve, the Vagus Nerve. The Vagus Nerve affects almost all the major organs of the body, so it’s important to use music in a healthy, conscious manner.

Watch today’s video to discover the Top Three Health Benefits of Music (or if you’re too impatient, read below)

In addition to the Vegus Nerve, here are the Top Three Health Benefits of Music:

1. Stress Reliever
Certain music helps release stress. Stress is one of the top detrimental health concerns today. Listening to soothing sounds can help relax us. Music can help lower blood pressure, heart pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate. It reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol. It also helps reduce anxiety.

2. Affects Hormones
Listening to and making music directly affects our hormones. Here are just a few ways music affects the production and release of hormones:

  • Decreases cortisol
  • Increases “feel good” hormones such as endorphins, which is a natural anti-depressant.
  • It releases opioids, which is a pain reliever, so it decreases chronic pain.
  • It increases the production of melotonin, which helps us sleep better and decreases depression.
  • When you make music with someone else, your brain produces oxytocin, which is a bonding hormone.

3. Heart Health
Congestive heart failure is one of the top reasons of death in the US. The University of Maryland conducted a study that found a link between listening to music and heart health. They found that when people listened to joyful, happy music that they enjoyed, their blood vessels dilated up to 26%, making it so their hearts were able to get more oxygen. When the participants listened to music they didn’t enjoy and triggered anxiety, the blood vessel diameter decreased by 6%.

Your goal is to use music and sound with the same consciousness as you use healthy food and exercise to better your health.


Now it’s YOUR turn: How do you plan on using music to increase your health? How are you going to encourage your clients to do the same? Leave a comment below!

Beginner’s Guide to Meditation

Do you want to meditate but don’t know how? Well my friends, you’re in the right place! Meditation is da’ bomb! Keep reading as I peel back the curtain and share this Beginner’s Guide to Meditation.

What is Meditation? 

Meditation is a simple, but effective process of practicing stillness. It’s a state of deep peace when the mind is calm, still, and silent. Other words for meditation are ponder, reflection, reverie, thoughtfulness.

Why Would I Want to Meditate?

The benefits and reasons why you’d want to meditate are endless. However, here are just a few to get you started and to wet your palate about what can happen if you meditate consistently:

  • Decreases Stress
  • Increases Physical Health
  • Helps with Chronic Pain
  • Helps you Sleep Better
  • Increases Clarity and Focus
  • Helps you Be More Present
  • Helps Quiet the Mind
  • Become more Spiritually In Tune


How do I meditate?

It’s easy to start meditating. Here are the basics. Soon you’ll be a mediating master in no time!


  1. Start small and work your way up

To ease your mind, you don’t need to start with long periods of meditating. You benefit from meditating for only 5 minutes a day. Do what you can, when you can. It’s better to do a little and be consistent then be overwhelmed by a long period of time and not do it at all. 


  1. Eliminate Distractions

Make sure that when you meditate, you’re less likely to be interrupted and you’re comfortable. Keep the area quiet. Many people find relaxing, soothing music in the background helps. 


  1. Good Posture

You want to practice good posture, regardless if you’re sitting or lying. If you’re sitting in a chair, place your feet hip width apart, spine straight. If you’re sitting on the floor, gently cross your legs while keeping your spine straight. If you’re lying down, lie flat, arms at your side, with your legs uncrossed. What’s most important in any position is your spine is straight and you’re comfortable. 


  1. Focus on Your Breath

Take deep, full breaths as you meditate. If your shoulders are moving a lot, then you’re not breathing deep enough. Deep breathing slows down the heart rate and helps you calm down. We don’t breathe deep enough on a regular basis. This will help your cells receive the much needed oxygen and clear out your lungs. 


  1. Focus Your Thoughts

It’s normal when first starting to meditate, for your thoughts to be all over the place. Recognize this and be ok with it. When you notice that your thoughts are wandering, bring your attention back to your deep breathing. Guided meditations are perfect to help focus and guide your thoughts. They will help you until you’re more comfortable meditating on your own.


  1. Try Your Best Every Day

It’s not about perfection, but rather consistency. The most important thing is you’re consistently meditating and you WILL start to notice positive changes in your life! 


I hope you’re motivated and encouraged to start meditating now that you’ve read this Beginner’s Guide to Meditation.
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