How to record your voice in Audacity

I get asked all the time, “How do I record my voice? What software do I need?” Well my friend,  meet your new bestie, Audacity. This post and video will get you started with how to record your voice in Audacity.

And it’s easier to use than you think!

This piece of software that will quickly become one of your best friends… er… I mean tools.

I personally love Audacity so much, that I choose to record my voice with it instead of my expensive music recording software. It’s that easy and intuitive, once you know your way around.

Audacity is a free, yes FREE, software for both PC and Mac. It’s pretty strong and intuitive. It can do everything you need for a voice recording, editing, and finalizing an audio project.

I’ve recorded a video showing you how to record your voice in Audacity.

Once you’ve learned your way around Audacity, you can do so much! You can edit, move the audio clips around, add music, add an echo to your voice (if you want), play with the equalization, fade the music in and out, and so much more.

Now is YOUR turn: Have you wanted to record your voice? What has been stopping you? Leave a comment below.

Sia; Strong Branding with a Unique Twist

What you can learn from the musician Sia about branding?

There’s a musician who is doing something completely different from the norm with her branding, and it’s working brilliantly! It’s Sia and she’s chosen not to show her face on camera ever again. What can you learn from this very talented musician who has chosen to stay a mystery, when the world that tells you have to share everything, down to the brand of your underwear, in order to do well in your business and your branding?

Branding Case Study Sia

But first, a backstory…

It was 2007 and a friend of mine was coming into town to go to see a music concert in Salt Lake City. She asked if she could crash at our house and if I wanted to come along.

The concert was an artist I had never heard of; Sia. I figured “Why not”, so I bought tickets and off we went.

I knew I was in for something special when the entire band came out with fun and unique suits lit up by black lights, playing one of the most catchy songs I’ve ever heard.

I thoroughly enjoyed the show and Sia was fun and one of the quirkiest people I’ve seen. (At one point, the band threw stuffed animals into the audience.)

However, I could tell something was off and completely jiving with Sia the person and Sia the musician. Speaking to the audience, Sia was a riot, obviously the person behind the quirky show. I loved her one-of-a-kind personality. But the music. Besides the opening song, the music was deep, dark, with a sad and somber undertone. (If you want to see what I mean, Google the song “Breathe Me”, one of Sia’s most popular songs.)

At one point during the show, Sia shared a story of how she went to counceling, was feeling great, and made a super happy demo album. She bounced it into her record label, only to have it rejected because it was too “upbeat”. They wanted songs like “Breathe Me”.

As an artist myself, this intrigued me, so I’ve kept tabs on Sia ever since.


I’ve watched this woman evolve into something brilliant, truly owning her talent and her uniqueness, into a brand in an of itself.

After going to rehab in 2010 and becoming clean, she started writing brilliant songs for pop artists. You will be shocked with the songs you didn’t know she wrote! She wrote “Diamonds” sung by Rihanna, Brittney Spear’s “Perfume”, Beyonce’s “Pretty Hurts” as well as songs for Maroon 5, Celine Dion, Flo Rida, and Christina Aguilera.

She came back into the music scene writing and singing David Guetta’s hit “Titanium”.

She has since released two albums, one of which has the spectacular song “Chandelier”.

Since coming back to the music scene, she doesn’t show her face on camera. She keeps her face hidden, either by not facing the camera, or having her face mostly covered by wigs.

Why would she do that? Why, when in this world of social media, when everyone is sharing every. single. little thing? This includes musicians. We’re told to give our followers behind-the-scenes. People crave that. They want it. They feel connected to you.

Sia didn’t want fame. She became with many of the artists she was writing music for and didn’t want that for her life. She had many songs that needed to be sung, needed to be heard, and she knew that she was the one to do it.

So what did Sia do? She approached her record label and offered them something no one else is doing… Mystery. And they loved it.

Watch this video from 3:05 – 4:05 where she talks about it.

It’s been to inspiring to watch this truly talented lady rise up and own what makes her special, regardless of her downfalls.

Her newest album, This is Acting, was released in January and is more upbeat than her other albums. It looks like that Sia finally got her wish and is making the music that she wanted to for years. And the branding of the new album? Freakin’ brilliant!

As a Personal Brand, what can you learn from Sia and branding?

Find what you love.
Do it to the best of your ability.
Be yourself.
Become an expert and exercise it DAILY.
Don’t do what everyone else is doing.
Be something different.
Be MORE of yourself.
Stay true to your ideals.
Be consistent.


Now it’s YOUR turn! What do you think about Sia’s branding and choice of avoiding camera’s? How can you do something unique and still true to yourself in your branding? Leave a comment below. 

Kids really do have selective hearing!

You know those times that you swear your kids have selective hearing? Well, they actually do!

Watch this short video to find out why and what you can do about it.

Does it seem like your children have selective hearing? Guess what… They do!Watch this #SoundBite video to find out why and what you can do about it.

Posted by Lori Cunningham, Music Health Coach on Friday, March 4, 2016

When we can longer tolerate a certain sound, we start to shut down or mute the mechanism of the middle ear to those sound frequencies.

That’s why you can “tune out” certain things, like a dog barking or a train going by, where you live.

When you swear your kids can’t hear you even if you’re right there in front of them, they could very well have tuned you out, frequency wise. They have eliminated your vocal frequency!

Kids tuning you out with selective hearing

There are certain times that we want the ability of muting sounds, but there are other times, like giving your children instructions, where it isn’t a desirable thing.

Plus, it has a negative affect on your hearing in the long run, leading to hearing loss. Besides the obvious negativity associated with hearing loss, it also directly affects our nervous system negatively. Plus, as your hearing degrades, it can result in muddled thinking and out-of-balance emotions.


Here’s what to try if your kids are muting you out or if it seems like they have selective hearing:

  • Try speaking at a different pitch. Can you imagine, dads going around speaking in their falsetto, moms trying to speak super low when needing to get their kid’s attention. (That would be funny!)
  • Speak softer. Whispering always gets people’s attention.
  • Sing. Singing draws children’s attention very quickly, helps them remember better, and gets them involved.

Now it’s YOUR turn: What are some ways you’ve found that helps your kids from selective hearing? Comment below.

Music and EFT: Supercharging Your Coaching Business for You and Your Clients (Part 3 of 3)

Well hello there. Ready for round 3? DING!

Mama D is back again with the last installment of this three part series on how to supercharge your coaching business with EFT and music.

  • In the first article we looked at how high quality music can help you up your game, get more clients and make more moolah.
  • In the last article we learnt how Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) aka Tapping can help you deal with your mental baggage that could be holding you and your business back.

Now, today (drumroll please), I am going to show you how Tapping can make your clients love and appreciate you even more than they already do.

As I mentioned before, you are a rock star; live and in person and your clients can’t get enough of your actionable advice and motivation. The issue is between your sessions; that is when the energy and insights that you foster in your sessions start to wear off and clients are left feeling a bit lost at times.

In order to be pro-active, you can go above and beyond for your coaching clients by giving them a DIY tool to support them between sessions and help empower your clients when they are out in the real world.

The easiest method, is to teach your clients the basics of tapping (this could be in an ebook or video; I recommend a video) and get them to vent about their frustrations and fears while tapping on the various tapping points.

How should you go about doing that? To make your clients feel like a VIP, I recommend creating a downloadable tapping bundle so that your clients can use EFT as homework.

The information you provide in the bundle could be like an upgrade to your client’s journaling or current exercises.

“That sounds good and all, but what the flip should I put in the folder?”

It may seem overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. There are 3 things that I have in my tapping bonus bundle, that you should too and they are:

  1. An instructional video on how to tap and what the tapping points are.
  2. A tapping audio meditation with some relaxing and uplifting music supporting in the background.
  3. A PDF transcript of the tapping meditation so people can read along.

That’s it.

Done like dinner and your clients feel like a million bucks, inside and outside your coaching sessions.

Yes, you will have to invest some time to create the video, edit it, record the meditation and write the PDF, BUT that is a one time investment that will payoff bucket loads by creating strong relationships and respect with your clients.

Here is a checklist to get you from A to B.

Video Creation Basics

  1. Sit down and script out what you want to include in your tapping video. You can make it as short or as long as you like. I have a 10 minute video and a 16 minute video. You decide how much info to include.
  2. If you are nervous about recording yourself, tap the flip out of that feeling and start recording. I suggest trying to do it all in one recording. If you make a mistake or don’t like something just pause and start the sentence over again. You can edit these mistakes out easily in iMovie or your prefered video editing software.
  3. Take you video and upload it to iMovie. The first thing I do is remove the parts I don’t like or delete mistakes and gaps.
  4. Then add a title page and other text and information to help support what you are saying on the video. Words can be really helpful to keep people watching and understanding your message.
  5. ADD MUSIC! Choose a music track that you like (Lori is my go to music lady and I love how her songs add that special something-something in the background). Adjust the volume so that it is quiet but still creates impact.
  6. Export that bad-boy and then move onto your audio meditation.

PDF Document

  1. This is where you will create a tapping script to go along with your audio meditation. Use the tapping script from the 2nd article as a template to create your own.
  2. Write your document in a Google Drive Doc and then when you want to save it as a PDF, go to the FILE menu, then click on DOWNLOAD AS, and select PDF Document (.pdf).
  3. Boom baby! You’ve got yourself a PDF tapping script.

Audio Meditation
Lori really is my go-to gal for this so I would recommend visiting THIS PAGE to learn how she pumps out amazing audio meditations.

Once you are finished create a folder in Google Drive or Dropbox and then copy the “share folder” link. With that link you can now send your clients your amazeballs tapping bonus bundle.

There is nothing like a well crafted tapping bundle to help your clients take control of their mindset and feel empowered between your sessions.

I hope that you have enjoyed this 3 part series and that you will seriously consider incorporating music and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) aka Tapping into your coaching mix. I look forward to hearing how your business is effected by making this small changes and additions.

Wishing you every success in your coaching business!

Cheers to your sanity,
Mama D


Diana Foto circleDiana (the beast) Tower aka Mama D, is the Sassy EFT Practitioner and Trucker-chic founder of

Diana helps overwhelmed, stressed out, and exhausted entrepreneurial mamas relax, be happy and get back to being that amazing woman their husband married, before tossing a child grenade on their marriage.

If you’d like to apply EFT tapping to your marriage, read and listen to her step-by-step strategy “Tap the Sh*t Out of Your Husband: The Non-Violent Way to Reconnect and Find Intimacy with Your Man-Child without Dragging him to therapy.” Diana shows you exactly how tapping can transform your marriage and inject it with fun, happiness, and more intimacy.

Music and Emotional Freedom Techniques: Supercharging Your Coaching Business for You and Your Clients (Part 2 of 3)

Well hello again my lovely,

Are you ready to learn Music and Emotional Freedom Techniques to kick your limiting beliefs to the curb that I mentioned in the first article of this 3 part series?

In the Words of Mystikal, “Change yo’ way of thinking and keep on living”

You speak the truth Mystikal! *Fist bump*

In the first article of this series, I reminded you that you are a minty unicorn coach that provides high quality coaching sessions and audio retreats for your clients (especially when your voice is paired with music). You over deliver and you want to provide the best possible service or product out there for the people you work with.

The scary part about doing what you love though is that you open yourself up to criticism and having haters poop all over your dreams. It’s scary to click publish or send, and to recoil and think, “I hope they like my article, meditation or course”.

If you are like me, your big dreams are actually taking you closer to your fears.

I had (and still sometimes have) major fears of being judged, that people won’t like me, that I’m not good enough to coach others, and that one day I’ll be chased out of the internet village…burning torches and pitchforks in hand. (Cause you know that shiznaz can totally happen…damn villagers!)

Seriously though, you want raving fans fawning over you like teenage girls at a Justin Bieber concert, because you are amazing at what you do and people love you as soon as they work with you.

Unfortunately our head game is less than stellar sometimes and it holds us back (sometimes without even realizing it).

Say whaaaaat? Coaches have fears and limiting beliefs too??? How human of you!

Yup. You are human; not some spinach eating sailor that can leap over tall buildings in a single bound.

So, with that in mind, today I’m going to show you how to harness the simple yet powerful technique of Tapping, to kick your insecurities as a coach to the curb.


“What the flip is Tapping Mama D?”

If you have never heard of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) aka Tapping, then take a little video intermission and allow Mama D to explain. I created this video as a bonus for a goal setting program for busy mamas and it explains the bare bones of EFT. You’ll also note that there is some music in the background of this video. Hmmm…sound familiar?

News Flash: Music is not just meant for guided meditations. You can add music to the background of videos, interviews, audios or anything related to your coaching business. The sky really is the limit.

Done watching the video? Good.

Did you like my interpretive dance to Uptown Funk at the end? I bet you did, and if you are looking at your screen like a confused panda right now, then you obviously didn’t watch the whole video.

Shame on you! If you are guilty of jumping ship before my solo dance routine, then I highly recommend going back to minute 13. Enjoy!

Done? Good.

So now that you know the ropes, let’s tap the s*** out of your coaching insecurities. Below you will find a tapping script to specifically help coaches (just like you) master their inner critics. Just tap on the different points as you read the script. If the language or words in the script don’t resonate with you 100% just change the words.


Am I going to get results?

Karate Chop: Even though I’m worried I won’t get results for my client, I love and accept myself.
Karate Chop: Even though I’m worried I will disappoint myself and my client, I love and accept myself.
Karate Chop: Even though I worry that I am not coaching well, I love and accept myself.

Eyebrow Point: I have an underlying fear.
Side of the Eye: I’m a coach and I’m scared I won’t deliver.
Under the Eye: Always asking myself “Am I going to get results?”
Under the Nose: I’m distracted and not present.
CHIN: I’m obsessed with getting results for my clients.
Collarbone Point: But then I just try to rescue them.
Under the Arm: I turn into a rescuer or helper
Top of the Head: But I’m not that. I’m a coach.

Eyebrow Point: This isn’t pure coaching.
Side of the Eye: I want my clients to thrive but sometimes I take the driver’s seat.
Under the Eye: I’m not confident enough to allow them to take the wheel themselves.
Under the Nose: If I did that I’d have to trust my abilities as a coach.
CHIN: I need to prove my worth
Collarbone Point: I need to get results for them so that I can call myself a good coach
Under the Arm: I place my worth in their hands
Top of the Head: I’m tired of this but I don’t know what to do.

Eyebrow Point: I choose to coach people as I know I should
Side of the Eye: I will allow them the space and freedom to make mistakes and learn from them.
Under the Eye: Their success is not 100% reliant on me.
Under the Nose: I can not and should not do the work for them.
CHIN: I can’t force someone to be successful
Collarbone Point: They need to own it for themselves.
Under the Arm: This is not about me.
Top of the Head: It is all about them.

Eyebrow Point: I release all my worries about getting results
Side of the Eye: It is not a gauge of my success.
Under the Eye: I let go of all my stress from my mind and body
Under the Nose: I breath in the moment and live in the now
CHIN: I know my worth and no longer need to prove it.
Collarbone Point: I am good enough
Under the Arm: I am worthy
Top of the Head: I am an amazing human being. I am good enough.

So my chocolaty chip unicorn, I think it’s time to take your coaching biz to the next level. If you tap the s*** out of yourself on a daily basis, I know that you will feel a mindset shift and that your insecurities and inner critic will shut the flip up and allow you to do what you do best, helping others.

In the last article of this series, I will show you how to use tapping to over-deliver to your clients and make them fall head over hooves with you. In the meantime, go get your coach on chocolaty chip unicorn! Get your coach on!


Diana Foto circleDiana (the beast) Tower aka Mama D, is the Sassy EFT Practitioner and Trucker-chic founder of

Diana helps overwhelmed, stressed out, and exhausted entrepreneurial mamas relax, be happy and get back to being that amazing woman their husband married, before tossing a child grenade on their marriage.

If you’d like to apply EFT tapping to your marriage, read and listen to her step-by-step strategy “Tap the Sh*t Out of Your Husband: The Non-Violent Way to Reconnect and Find Intimacy with Your Man-Child without Dragging him to therapy.” Diana shows you exactly how tapping can transform your marriage and inject it with fun, happiness, and more intimacy.

Music and Emotional Freedom Techniques: Supercharging Your Coaching Business for You and Your Clients (Part 1 of 3)

Do you want to win the hearts of your clients outside of your coaching hours?

Do you want people emailing you to confess that you are the best thing since sliced Pumpernickel?

Do you fantasize about clients falling head over achilles with you after listening to your guided meditations?

You bet your bon-bon you do, and in this 3 part series Diana Tower is going to show you 3 ways to make it happen with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) aka Tapping.

First things first though, let’s recognize that you knock it out of the park when you coach 1 to 1. You are relaxed, funny, intuitive and you know exactly how to help people. This shines through effortlessly, hour after hour in your live coaching sessions. Don’t be modest here. You da’bomb! A shiney mint-chocolate unicorn coaching bomb!

Now of course, you can’t work with everyone 1 to 1 because there just aren’t enough hours in the day and let’s be real here; not everyone can afford to work with you because you provide so much value and you charge accordingly.


How Do You Go Beyond 1 to 1 Coaching? 

Do you just admit defeat and keep squinting through the glass ceiling you are under, slaving away trading time for money?

No sir’ree Bob!

In this day and age it’s all about going digital, getting techie and packaging your Lucky Charm self into a digital bundle that can be downloaded (sometimes for a pretty penny) 24/7.

That’s right.  I am talking about THE DREAM. The “earn money when you sleep dream” and it sounds so easy. Simply create something that people need, are willing and able to buy, get it online along with a PayPal button and presto; mojitos on the beach with your laptop. Right?

Well no. Not exactly.

Here’s the rub:

  1. You know that audio meditations are the way to expand but you don’t have a recording studio, so how the hell are you going to make audios that sound remotely professional for you coaching biz?
  2. You are often insecure and secretly worry that you’re not even good enough to do this or that haters are going to crawl out from under their internet bridges and poop all over your hard work.
  3. You struggle to give your clients tools and strategies to keep the momentum going between your sessions. You want your clients to thrive, even when you aren’t cheering them on.


To face those issues head on, in this 3 part article series, we are going to see why adding music to your audios and meditations will blow your competitors out of the water.

I’m not exaggerating here. You will sound so professional that you’ll start listening to your own meditations because they sound so freaking good (true story…I listen to my own tapping meditations because the music is so relaxing and energizing!).

In the second part of the series, you’ll learn a technique to kick your limiting beliefs to the curb, so you can be the bright shiny mint-chocolate chip unicorn of a coach that you were destined to be.

Then in part 3 we will take that weirdo technique and show you how you can package it up for your own clients as a gift so they can supercharge your sessions and have a “break in case of emergency” strategy when things get stressful or self doubt barks at their mental door.

So let’s tackle A first.


Whaaat’s Music Got to Do with it…Got to Do with it!

Thanks Tina!  😉

So, you have your growing coaching practice and you have been toying with making your own guided meditation audios or digital coaching lessons to really over deliver, but the music part seems beyond you.

Cue the “I’ll do it later” monster.


You need to focus on your site right now right. Or get more clients or anything other than finding out how you can add music to your coaching audios; cause that shiz-naz ain’t gonna be easy or affordable…or so you might think. So you go for the “no worries” approach. Your clients eat up your words in 1 to 1 sessions, so why not just record yourself without music??

Problem solved! Earning while I sleep, here I come!


I’m sorry to break this to you but listening to you speak against the “silence” of your bedroom or “recording studio” (aka…bedroom closet with egg cartons and a box around your head) is NOT going to get people raving about you.


I have no doubt that you are adding value with your words but when you add music, something bigger happens; people feel the energy, the rhythm, and it stirs something deep inside them.


When you add music, something bigger happens; people feel the energy, the rhythm, and it stirs something deep inside them.


For example, the other day I was working on an audio tapping meditation (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for my newsletter subscribers and after recording my voice I listened to it and I was not happy. Ok, truthbomb alert: I thought it sounded like poop! I didn’t like how I had spaced things and I was convinced I had to record it again. Facepalm!

So as I was about to delete the 10 minutes of audio I just created (what a waste) I thought, why not drop in the “Energy and Vitality Instrumental” track from Lori’s Health Sounds Meditation Music Package, just because I could. So I dragged the mp3 into Garageband, put it on loop and clicked play.

Shut the front door people! It sounded amazeballs! Download it HERE for yourself and you be the judge.

Just the simple act of adding music transformed this 10 minutes of “I’m going to delete you, you smelly piece of caca!” into 10 minutes of glorious “Tap that Sh*tty Voice Outta Your Head” goodness. Not only do I now have a great way to support my clients after our sessions, I can quickly and easily create freebie goodies to share online and spread the word about my business. Talk about a win-win!


There really isn’t a better way to promote yourself than giving someone a piece of you, and music (particularly Lori’s) raises the bar and puts you on a whole new playing field.


Now that we have the importance of music established, I will share with you how you can kick your limiting beliefs to the curb and allow your coaching practice to thrive in part 2 of this 3 part series. See you then!


Diana Foto circleDiana (the beast) Tower aka Mama D, is the Sassy EFT Practitioner and Trucker-chic founder of

Diana helps overwhelmed, stressed out, and exhausted entrepreneurial mamas relax, be happy and get back to being that amazing woman their husband married, before tossing a child grenade on their marriage.

If you’d like to apply EFT tapping to your marriage, read and listen to her step-by-step strategy “Tap the Sh*t Out of Your Husband: The Non-Violent Way to Reconnect and Find Intimacy with Your Man-Child without Dragging him to therapy.” Diana shows you exactly how tapping can transform your marriage and inject it with fun, happiness, and more intimacy.

5 Easy Steps to Write a Positive Affirmation Meditation Script

We’re bombarded with negativity all day, every day, but the worst kind of negativity is the kind that goes on in our head. Positive affirmations are a sure fire way to decrease the negative self talk and to become more positive. When you have a positive outlook on life, then you’ll be happier.

The same goes for your clients. One of the best ways to help your clients with life changes, is to give them positive affirmation guided meditations. When you combine positive affirmations with music, the music taps into the subconscious faster and easier, allowing the messaging of the positive affirmations to take a deeper, longer lasting hold.

5 Easy Steps to Write a Positive Guided Affirmation Script


Here are five easy steps to write a positive affirmation meditation script:

#1 Know your desired goal or outcome
If you don’t know what you want, you’ll never be able to take anyone there.

#2 Write your affirmations in first person, present tense
Such as “I am happy” instead of “I am going to be happy in two months”. Two months will always be two months away, no matter when you read or listen. If it’s in the present tense, then your subconscious mind believes it.

#3 Affirm the feeling of already having what you desire
This is really important. It’s not good enough to say you want something, you need to attach a feeling to it. Close your eyes and imagine that you are already experiencing the wonderful things that you desire, and write your affirmations as an expression of “grateful having”, rather than wanting or needing.

Here’s just one example:
“I am so happy and grateful for my wonderful new house!”
You can also begin your affirmations with words such as:
“I know…”
“I have…”
“I love…”

#4 Write the Affirmation in a Positive Way
For example, rather than writing “I am getting out of debt now”, a more positive choice would be “I am wealthy and prosperous”, or “I’m not going to eat unhealthy food” to “I eat healthy food and feel amazing”. What you focus on, you attract. So by even saying the slightly more negative statements, that is what you’re going to attract in your life. Train your mind to think about what you want in life.

#5 Make sure you affirmations have passion and feeling
Make it as exciting and have as much feeling as possible! I can’t stress this enough, you need to feel the affirmations!

Once you get started, you’ll find that writing positive affirmation scripts are relatively easy and fun to do!

Now that you know how to create guided meditations (see previous post HERE) and positive affirmation guided meditations, you’re now armed with some of the greatest transformation tools around!

Now it’s YOUR turn: Have you ever considered writing a positive affirmation meditation script and haven’t done it? What’s been holding you back? Comment below.

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Write a Guided Meditation that will Knock Their Socks Off

There’s nothing more powerful for your coaching practice than to create guided meditations for your clients. Before you freak out, it’s a lot easier than it sounds. In fact, if you do it right, it could potentially take less than an hour of your time, all while helping your client for a long, long time.

Imagine for a moment working with your VIP client, knowing their fears, their struggles, their goals. One session, you come to them and excitedly share that you made a guided meditation just for them, to help them reprogram their thinking and bust past the blocks that have been holding them back. All they need to do is listen to the five minute meditation every single day. It’s that simple!

Do you know how special that would make them feel? There’s no way that they wouldn’t listen! Knowing that you took the time, really understood their concerns, and made a meditation just for them, will elevate you and your coaching in their eyes. They will feel more connected to you and will make sure not to let you down. And we all know that consistency will bring change.

You don’t have to be tapped into your inner Goddess or Buddha to write killer meditations that will knock your client’s socks off! All it takes is following these simple guidelines and you’ll soon have your listeners swoon in deep relaxation.

#1 Know your desired outcome or goal for your listener
There has to be a purpose to your meditation, otherwise there won’t be a reason for anyone to listen. If you don’t know what you want your listeners to get from the meditation, then you won’t know how to get them there.

You’ll want to include as many senses as possible. Sights, sounds, smells, and sensations will really bring it alive. You want to create an experience, not just words.


#2 Allow the listener to get comfortable

Give them guidelines with the best way to enjoy the meditation. Give them a couple of sentences that allows them to become comfortable.


#3 Start with a general relaxation

Spend a little bit of time relaxing the body and the mind with some simple visualizations and/or breathing exercises. Once the listener is in a relaxed state of mind they will be more receptive to the imagery you’ll be creating for them.


#4 The Journey
Now it’s time to take the listener on a journey. Present tense, second person works best.
Where you decide the meditation to go and involve is totally up to you. Most people are more relaxed by some nature scene.

Start by describing the environment that you wish the listener to experience. As you do so, try to involve as many senses. Describe what can be seen, smelled, heard and touched. The more the listener can connect their senses to the environment you describe, the more deeply they can picture the journey.

There should be a beginning, middle, and end. Think story line here. Give them space to think about the imagery. Ask occasional questions.


#5 The Ending
Just like a story, you need to provide a good ending. One popular method is to reverse the imagery; such as taking the listener towards the beginning scene you described, only not giving as much description.

Guide them with becoming aware of their current surroundings, the feelings of their body, their breathing. You can even guide them with opening their eyes and if they were lying down, to sitting up and moving their body.


Be careful not to drag on too long. If you spend too much time describing specifics of the guided imagery. If the listener is relaxed then their imagination will automatically fill in any blanks in your description. Also, give enough time during the journey to really experience what you’re creating.

Most importantly, remember that you are only their guide on the journey. Have fun and explore how many different meditations you can create!


Now it’s YOUR turn: Have you ever considered writing a guided meditation script and haven’t done it? What’s been holding you back? Comment below.

Craving Chocolate? Reach for Music Instead!

Have you ever had a craving for chocolate that just wouldn’t go away? I mean, a CRAVING?!?

It was rough day; heck, it was a rough week. I was an emotional basket-case. I found myself craving CHOCOLATE. ANY chocolate would do and I didn’t care how I got it. I found myself digging through our pantry, digging into all the hiding spots I know my husband uses to stash his treats. Nothing! Nada! I was going out of my mind! I had this uncontrollable craving that only chocolate would satisfy.. or so I thought.

I eventually went pilfering under my bed and found some way old Halloween candy, like seriously old stuff. The chocolate was more white and crumbly then brown and succulent. You know what I mean. I took a deep breath and took one bite. It tasted terrible! And then that’s when I came to my senses; what in the world was I doing?!? I needed to take a step back and dissect what was going on.

The light bulb came on and I remembered things about chocolate and why we crave it with so much fervor:

  • Magnesium Deficiency – In this day and age of highly processed foods and sugar, most of us have a magnesium deficiency in varying degrees. Cocoa is extremely high in magnesium so your body craves sources it knows it can get what it needs.
  • Sugar Addiction – Let’s face it, sugar is addictive. Highly addictive. It’s been proven that sugar lights up the brain just like some drugs, so yes, one of the reasons why you crave chocolate, especially the cheap, candy bar kind, is because of a sugar addiction.
  • Emotional Needs – This one is a biggy. Chocolate, and sugar in general, releases feel good hormones like dopamine and serotonin, that helps us feel better after emotional situations. Have you ever lost yourself in a pint of Chocolate Therapy or Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ben and Jerry’s after a particularly rough day? I sure the heck have! There’s a reason for that. It makes you feel good!

Then I started thinking about music and how it can fill the biggest reason why we crave chocolate: Emotional Needs!

  • Music also fires up our brain.
  • Music also releases dopamine and serotonin into our body.
  • Music also makes us feel good.

So if chocolate does all these things and music also does all these things, then I could easily replace the non-healthy chocolate with music!

I put on my headphones, fired up my favorite Spotify playlist, and danced around my room, totally losing myself in the music. Within one song, my cravings were completely gone! I’ve been using this technique ever since and it works, every. single. time. (As a mom of 4 boys + a huge deadline that was coming up, it was a pretty emotional week!)

So next time you have an uncontrollable chocolate craving, reach for the music instead and dance your little heart out! You’ll feel better because of it. Plus, it’s better for your body and easier on your digestive system. 😉


Now it’s YOUR turn: Have you ever turned to music instead of emotionally eating? What happened? Share in the comments below.

Why Music Moves Us to Blubbering Fools

As I’m getting older, I’ve been finding myself more often listening to music that moves me to tears. Like a blubbering, crying fool! What’s the music I’m listening to? It’s songs from when I was growing up, of all things! (Hello, how can Howard Jones make one cry? I mean, seriously…)

What IS it about music that does this? Why does it move you so deeply that you go from a (relatively) normal human being to inconsolable in a matter of minutes? Or causes your heart to pound out of your chest during an intense movie scene?

If you think about it, we are being of feeling; from the physical (temperature, pressure, touch) to emotions (love, sorrow, joy, excitement, fear). Feelings are really the best way – the most accurate way – we communicate. Think of how much is lost in communication especially when we read (have you ever experienced misunderstandings on social media? Heaven help me…), or in a lesser degree, over the phone. It’s because we aren’t experiencing all the non-verbal cues and communications.

Music has always been a prime way of expressing and communicating feeling, clear back to prehistoric times. So when we say a sing or music “moves us”, what’s really happening is it’s allowing a safe outlet for feelings that already exist within us.

Emotions are really feelings moving outward. Music can help awaken and move feelings that are stuck or blocked. Music is literally a carrier of feelings.

For example, let’s say you’re grieving. You find a particular song that really touches you, moves you to really feel that grief, but in a different, more healing way. Tears will probably be shed, but you feel better after. The music helps you express your grief in a safe, releasing, and healing way. The song literally helped you acknowledge and accept your grief. The music created a safe place for you to explore, to feel in its fullest, and then release it.

So next time you’re feeling pent up emotion, try listening to music that moves you.


Now it’s YOUR turn: Are there certain songs, artists, or types of music that moves you? Share in the comments below.