Essential Oils Aren’t the Cure-All

I had a nice blog post all ready to go for this week, but then I had to take my son to the ER. It sparked something new I wanted to talk about, and it’s about essential oils. In the holistic world, too often the “normal” way of treating your body is shunned and immediately thought of as wrong and copping out.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE believer of essential oils and holistic ways of helping our bodies. I’ve been using holistic methods in my home for many, many years now. They have saved us thousands of dollars in medical bills. I have used essential oils to help with numerous ear infections, fevers, a sinus infection, 2 cases of ring worm, yeast infections, Influenza, depression, ADHD, just to name a few.

On the flip side, there is a place and need for Western medicine too. We just need to know when to use it in a smart and educated way, instead of running to the doctor for every single thing. We need to empower ourselves, but also have a respect for Western medicine, utilizing it when we need it.

Last week I was certain one of my sons came down with strep throat, and even though my instincts were telling me to take him to a doctor, I decided to treat it at home with essential oils. I’ve have too many success stories with essential oils so even though I’ve never used them on strep throat, I decided to give it a try.

He felt better within a couple of days and all symptoms were gone, until yesterday morning he woke up in a lot of pain. This time it was a gland on this side of throat. It was swollen and tender to the touch. His throat looked ok from what we could see, so we decided to help him manage the pain and keep an eye on it. He was fine until around 4 pm, where he was in even more pain and came down with a fever. He put himself to bed and slept for several hours. At 8:15pm, he woke up bawling because he was in so much pain, with his throat and jaw significantly swollen. We knew we had to take him to see a doctor immediately and the only option that was open was the ER. So off we went.

The strep test came back positive, which didn’t surprise me. They kept him for a few hours for observation because his symptoms were irregular and they weren’t comfortable sending him home. In the end, he was given a strong antibiotic and steroids, with strict instructions to take him back if there are any changes.

I’m incredibly grateful we decided to take him to be seen and not continue treating this at home. I wish I had listened to my intuition in the first place because it would have saved my son pain and us unnecessary sleep loss and expense.

Too many times I have been ostracized on both ends of the spectrum; from concerned friends and family thinking I’m nuts and unwisely taking my family’s life in my hands for not going to the doctor for little things, like ear infections, to fellow health coaches expressing their concern that I took my son and husband to the ER last year for pneumonia, fully following every single line and pill they gave us.

We all need to take a chill. One way of living for one may not be the best way for you, but that doesn’t make it wrong.

I believe in full integration; weaving both holistic and cultural norms into my life and my family. It may not be perfect, but it works for us.

And that is why I don’t think essential oils, or any holistic method, is the cure-all for everything and why I take my family to the doctor when my husband and I feel that it’s essential.


Now it’s YOUR turn: Have you tried essential oils or other holistic methods? I want to hear your stories, both successful and not-so-successful. What happened? Share in the comments below.

What Kind of Listener are You?

How do you experience music? In other words, what kind of music listener are you?

Passive or Active?

What Kind of Listener Are You_
A passive listener is someone who:

  • Has music playing in the background, mostly as a filler noise.
  • Doesn’t pay attention to anything about the music.
  • Doesn’t allow the music to affect them in any way.

An active listener is someone who:

  • Experiences music in all ways; physical, intellectual, and emotional.
  • Allow music to become part of them by hearing, feeling, and acknowledging the sound in all aspects.
  • Allows the music to reach their very core, drawing up memories and deep feelings or engraving new ones.
  • Are fully present in the moment.

One way of listening isn’t better than the other as they both have their purpose, but the more often we can be fully in the moment, experiencing all that life has to offer, the better.

You can listen to me about how life changing certain kinds of music are, but until you experience it for yourself, or are an active listener, you will never truly understand what I’m talking about.

Music is a wonderful way to enjoy life if you allow it. Your life will be fuller and have deeper meaning.

Now it’s YOUR turn: What kind of listener are you on a regular basis? What was the last song you actively listened to and what was the result? Respond in the comments below.

How Do You Fuel Motivation?

Want to know the key to success? The stripped down reason why some people are successful and some aren’t? It has nothing to do with luck.

It boils down to motivation.

The actions we take in this life depend on if we have compelling reasons to do so.

And not just any motivation, but sustained motivation. This is seeing through the thick and thin, the good and the bad, the ups and downs. This leads us to sustained action, and ultimate success. THAT is how people become successful.

In order to reach our fullest potential, we have to work for it, and not let life slip us by. But then the question is, how do you fuel motivation so you actually take consistent action?

We all have to start somewhere. The root of motivation is motive, or a reason for action. Our “why”.

Here’s the path to deep motivation, one that will inevitably lead us to success (hint, it works the same for our clients too):

  1. Motivation starts with a CHOICE, a deeply held reason to act, all stemming from our thoughts.
  2. You have to have CLARITY on the choice.
  3. Mix in some HOPE and BELIEF.
  4. Keep the motivation ALIVE with vivid visualization and internalization. This helps your mind begin to form beliefs and behaviors needed to make your choice a reality.
  5. SUSTAIN your motivation by effort and attention. And not just any attention, but mental attention to keep your excitement and motivation alive. Don’t allow yourself to get distracted during this key time. Review goals daily, journal, write out intentions, meditate. Meditation helps your mind go into a altered conscious state, allowing your visualizations to imprint onto your subconscious mind. THIS step is the key and where so many get it fail.
  6. Take consistent and planned ACTION. We have to work towards what we want to achieve and put forth real effort. Continue moving forward – no matter what.

Now it’s YOUR turn: What are you going to do today to fuel your motivation? Comment below and share your motivation plans. 🙂

3 Simple Brain Hacks to Reprogram Your Thinking

Have you ever felt at odds with yourself? Like you were battling an inner war and the “enemy” is always winning?

Chances are, your subconscious mind and conscious mind weren’t getting along.

There’s a shocking difference between these two different “minds” of ours, with one almost always winning and taking charge. Our conscious mind processes, stores, and handles about 40 bits of data per second. Pretty amazing, huh. On the flip side, our subconscious mind processes, stores, and handles about 40 million bits of data per second! It has been storing and processing information since we were born, or even before. All of that information has a gargantuan effect on how we behave, much more than our conscious mind could ever begin to do.

Which mind do you think is more powerful? Which mind do you need to condition to have the kind of life and health you want? The subconscious, of course!

Two brains

Since we’ve been storing so much information in our subconscious since the beginning of our existence, we have both negative and positive beliefs. The key to changing negative patterns is to change negative beliefs, especially with the subconscious mind! These negative beliefs keep on influencing your behavior and life experiences, keeping you in a viscous cycle that continually repeats, unless you literally reprogram them.

We act on our thoughts and emotions. Period. So if you want to change anything, your health, your business, your relationships, you first have to change your thinking and emotional state, making your two minds get along!

But how exactly do you do this?

The key is to gain access to your subconscious mind. When you’re awake and alert, you’re not as receptive to new ideas and ways of doing things, especially if most of the “data” in your mind is telling you otherwise.

There are three simple brain hacks to reprogram your subconscious mind:

  • Meditation: Meditation helps you get into an altered state of consciousness, which helps you have better access to your subconscious mind. This creates the best environment for changing old, limiting programming. If you’re in an altered state of consciousness, like what meditation does, it allows new ideas to be accepted easier. These meditative states allows positive thinking to take root and it literally bypasses the conscious mind and accesses your subconscious mind.

Music is an important aspect of meditation because it creates more harmony within many different aspects of your physical brain and body, gives you a calming energy, and helps create positive attitude thoughts. Music helps you change your state of consciousness very quickly.

  • Positive Spoken Affirmations: After you’re in the altered conscious state during meditation, this is the ideal time to reprogram your negative, limiting beliefs, and replacing them. The subconscious mind will be more receptive. One way to do this is with positive spoken affirmations.

You can either say these affirmations out loud, read them, or better yet, have the affirmations already recorded onto the music. Music lights up and activated many different parts of the brain, helping implant the new conditioning quicker and easier.

  • Vivid Visualizations: Just like above, once you’re in that state of relaxed awareness, this is when you’re most receptive for new programming. Another very powerful way to do this is with vivid, and emotional visualization.

Humans (you and me) are motivated and act on emotions. You can spout off as many statistics until you’re blue in the face, but you won’t actually take action unless they feel it. You’ll feel it while meditation with music and creating the most real visualizations possible as you’re meditating. You had to make your subconscious mind believe that what you want has already happened! You’ll start attracting those things into your life because your mind already believes you have it.

There is such power, both for good and bad, with our thoughts and words. If you learn how to control them, pluck out the ones that are not in alignment with who you want to be, and replace them with these simple brain hacks and doing this on a daily basis, you can completely replace those beliefs in only a few short months or weeks.

And once those beliefs are ingrained, it’s there for good!


Now it’s YOUR turn: Have you ever tried to reprogram your subconscious mind using any of these hacks? Share your experience in the comments below.


How to Prevent Burnout and Overwhelm as an Entrepreneur

Have you ever pulled a muscle or thrown out your back? I never experienced that until Sunday. Ouch!

Being as stubborn as I am, I refused to let it take me down, so I did what any logical person would do; I tried to do it all anyway, albeit slow and feeling handicapped.

That was until Tuesday morning when I had my bi-weekly mastermind session with 3 other lovely ladies and my coach. I had a mini breakdown and they all lovingly supported me, reminding me of some lessons that I had somehow forgotten.

See, I had just come off of a pretty busy time with my business, a pretty successful time, but one that also completely burnt me out. I planned to take my four boys on a trip to help decompress, but since my husband wasn’t able to come, it was my first time single-parenting on a vacation and it ended being more stressful than I would have liked.

I came home, and immediately started head first into my next big project, completely ignoring all the burn-out cues my body and mental state have been sending me.

Until it forced me to listen, that is.

Right after that mastermind session, I declared to take whatever time I needed for the rest of the week as a “mental health” break. It was the best decision I could have made. I feel clearer and more calm, my back is healing, and I have a plan on how to prevent this from happening again.

Burnout and Overwhelm

You have a business so you can plant your garden and enjoy the flowers along the way, not just to be so busy planting you’re not able to enjoy your life NOW! A dear friend reminded me yesterday that building a business isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon and you have to pace yourself.

So the next time you’re feeling on the verge of burnout or overwhelm as an entrepreneur, not enjoying your life now, remember these tips:

  • Allow yourself to take a break. Call it what you want, a mental health break, self care, vacation, but just make sure it’s an honest-to-goodness break that helps you recharge.
  • Do your self care non-negotiables. Eat healthy, drink plenty of water, get lots of rest and sleep, exercise in ways that help decrease your stress, spend more quality time with loved ones and quality time with yourself.
  • Do your business non-negotiables. Hold all of your scheduled appointments, no matter what. I know that it’s tempting to reschedule, but those connections will drive your purpose and will lift you up. Pick your #1 way to stay connected with your community and make sure you do it. Follow up with those you need to and any important messages that come in. Otherwise, it can wait.
  • Increase doing things on your “joy list”. For me, that means recreational reading, spend more time in bed, watching a few movies, giving myself permission to let some of the chores go around the house, going for walks and enjoying being outside, listening to music that makes me happy, having lots and lots of boy cuddle time, and absolutely allowing myself to unplug.
  • Evaluate. If you’ve come off of a big project, evaluate what when well, what didn’t go well, what caused your burnout, and how you can prevent it in the future. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, evaluate why that feeling is there, what it’s trying to tell you, and what you can do differently to reduce your overwhelm.

Now it’s YOUR turn: How can you tell when you’ve done too much in your business? How do you recover from burnout or overwhelm? Leave a comment below.


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Self Questioning for Your Goals

Do you want to reach your goals even faster? We have a constant inner dialog running in our head, either positive or negative. Our actions are inspired by our thoughts.  Experts tell us to really work on our positive self talk, speaking in positive, declarative statements because our actions are inspired by our actions.

But what if these experts have it wrong?

Now here me out, I believe wholeheartedly in positive self talk. Heck, I create guided positive affirmations for heavens sake and listen to them literally on a daily basis.

But… we can learn more about personal development and creating the life we want from the popular little kids show a Bob the Builder.

Self Questioning  Your Goals

In every episode, the characters in Bob the Builder find themselves in some hairy situation. Every single time, Bob asks this question, “Can We Fix It?” And everyone answers, “Yes we can!”

(Side note, wouldn’t it be amazing if every home repair or construction would go as fast as it does in that show? Just saying…)

The question Bob asks – Can we fix it – is key.

Social scientists have discovered that Bob is right with actually questioning instead of only using positive, declarative statements when reaching for a goal and changing the way we think.

In the book, To Sell is Human, the author Daniel Pink shares a research study that was done in 2010 that confirmed the efficiency of interrogative self talk. With every experiment, the group that was told to use questions solved the puzzle or problem up towards 50% more efficiently than the group that was told to use positive statements.


When we ask ourselves questions, by its nature, we automatically start searching for answers and we’re more internally motivated.


That internal motivation is very important. If you’ve ever tried to make someone do anything, you know first hand how that does not work. They have to be motivated within to do anything, especially change themselves.

For example, I write out a long term intention of mine every single morning on a note card that I carry in my pocket. I read it several times throughout the day. I used to use the statement, “I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.” Sounds good, right? But it wasn’t until I started to use the question, “If I can accomplish this, what else am I capable of?” that I really started to embrace this practice. Now I feel my intention, I can totally see it, and the best thing is, the main intention I’m working towards is coming to fruition at an astonishing rate. That question makes me realize that this is only the beginning of something great in my life.

You’ll be seeing this form of positive interrogative start creeping into my newer guided positive affirmation songs and meditations because they work! And of course I want to give you the best tools possible for both yourself and your business.

So when you’re setting your goals and intentions, remember to ask yourself some key questions in the midst of all your positive affirmations.

What do you think could happen if you do?


Now it’s YOUR turn: Have you ever tried the technique of asking yourself questions when setting and reaching for your goals? What happened when you did? Respond in the comments below.


3 Reasons Why Royalty Free Music is Crap

You’re wanting to create some guided meditations for your clients. Great! What’s not so great is that you’re clueless with where to start, especially with finding the right music.

First, guided meditations without music is pointless. Music helps you achieve a deeper meditation that you can’t achieve otherwise.

So where do you find the music you need? In the few social media groups I’m active in, I see this question asked at least twice a week. There are always several responses from people directing the person to one royalty free music or another.

I won’t deny that there are plenty of royalty free music on the internet now. But honestly, most of it won’t work for deeper, longer guided meditations.

Royalty Free Music Crap

Here are three reasons why royalty free music is crap… at least for guided meditations.

  1. Royalty Free music is mostly short loops (90 seconds to a few minutes), either making your meditation too short, or repeating the music over and over during hour meditation. Talk about distracting to the listener! Imagine trying to get deep into a meditation, only to have the music fade out and start over, multiple times. It totally disrupts the flow and feeling of what you’re wanting to create.
  2. The musician who created the royalty free music usually has no experience in meditation themselves, meaning that they have no clue what the needs are of the listeners and makes a spectacular mediation. The music is the foundation to a wonderful meditation and when that foundation is shaky… well, it won’t be very good.
  3. The royalty free music isn’t created specifically for meditation. The music in the library’s on those sites is designed for many things, such as movies or videos, TV, and radio. What you end up getting is a meditation sounding out of place because the music is better suited for something else. Again, not a strong foundation or a good showing of what you’re wanting to give to clients.

What you need is music created specifically for meditation, music to help create the perfect foundation that you need, and with the intention of moving the listener. What you also need is music created by a professional musician for meditation, one who regularly meditates, and who teaches meditation to others! This adds a layer of depth you won’t find from any regular royalty free download site.

This is why I’ve created The Celebrity Done-for-You Meditations and Royalty Free Music Package – to give you music created specifically for meditations. It’s all royalty free, so you can record as many different meditations as you want, and give to your clients without ending.

* Bonus reason why royalty free music is crap for meditations
You don’t get the education, support, and motivation along with it, like you get from me and my music.

So if you’re happy with not using the best to get the best results for your clients, then the royalty free music sites are the way to go.

But, if you care so deeply for those you serve, bend over backwards for them, want the absolute best for them, then you’re in the right place!

For more information, please visit the information page for The Celebrity Done-for-You Meditations and Royalty Free Music Package HERE.

Top 3 Ways Music Will Transform Your Business

The coaching industry is growing at an astounding rate. It was reported that in 2014, people spent $500 million on personal development products and coaching. The trend is growing at 5% a year, a HUGE growth rate! Life coaches alone are growing at 4.7% a year. This can be both good and bad for you! Good because there’s more than enough people activity wanting and willing to pay for what you do. Bad because there’s more saturation of coaches and products.

Transform BusinessIf you’re not doing something different, something unique (like the person I know you are!), then you’re going to be unforgettable, struggling to get clients, and likely to give up on your dream.

Music can benefit your business in numerous ways, help you stand out and be unique, regardless of the kind of business you have. You can virtually use music for anything!

Here are the top three ways your business will experience by adding music.

  • Your business will stand out from the coaching crowd

You have sometime unique and only a small percentage is using, especially if you use music in an innovative way. Music is something that speaks to every single one of your clients and they will be more interested in you and your offerings if you position the music correctly.

  • Create more lasting transformations for your clients

This in turn will create more raving fans; fans who will tell others, helping build your business by word of mouth. This equals less work on your part to find more clients! Sweet!

  • Be More Productive and Creative

Music is solidly proven to help with productivity and creativity because of the repetitiveness and how it fires up many different parts of your brain. It helps distract and free up your thinking process, keeping you more focused.

Not just any music will help your productivity and creativity; you need to carefully select your productivity playlist.

These are the kinds of music to try: calming classical, Baroque, instrumental, ambient electronic, video game music (surprisingly!), and any other low key music. Whatever you choose, you want to pick something that you can have in the background, something you don’t have to concentrate on so you can freely work.

Now it’s YOUR turn: Do you use music in your business or to help you stay focused? Share your thoughts and stories below!

Adding Music in Your Business

So you’ve decided that you want to use music in your business. Great! Here’s a virtual high five for you!

Now you’re feeling slightly stuck and wondering where to go from here. What kind of music do you use? Where are you going to find this music? Is it legal to share? How are you going to deliver the music? How will you know if they even like it or appreciate it?

Add music to business

There’s only one thing you need to know when you’ve decided to incorporate music into you business:


That’s really the only question you need to answer. The rest of the stuff will figure itself out as you move along. But until you decide WHY you want to use music in the first place, it’s just a tad hard to move ahead.

  • Do you want them to relax?
  • Do you want them to stay in your shop more?
  • Do you want them to be pumped up and in a good mood?
  • Do you want them to be taken on a journey of self discovery?
  • Do you want an energy break during a live event?

Once you’ve decided on this key question, then you can do research, make playlists for yourself to see what kinds of music you respond to, and even ask other people. I’m here for you to if you have any questions or leave a comment below!

Top 3 Transformations Your Clients Will Achieve With the Right Music

In only recent years has music been considered a tool for transformation, but ALL of us have been affected in some way while listening to a song. We’re moved to tears, want to dance the night away, feel sleepy or calm, or feel especially close to a loved one, all within minutes of listening. Music helps define us as an individual, in our cultures, and chosen path of spirituality.

Top 3 Transformations Client

Since music can motivate and move us so quickly, it can very well be the missing piece in your arsenal of coaching tools, and a dang good one at that!

Here are the top three transformations your clients can have when using the right music with your coaching:

1. Gain More Clarity – By meditating and listening to music designed for meditation, your clients will be able to still their mind, gain more clarity, and make decisions easier. We want our clients to have crystal clear clarity and be 100% behind every decision they make. Music is a proven way to gain clarity. Music engages and stimulates many parts of the brain. You literally think better when listening to music!

2. Enhances Learning – There’s a reason why there are so many learning sons for young children; the structure and emotional draw of music makes it perfect for easy learning and motivation! Music engages the brain, enabling quicker memory recall. There’s nothing better than music to help your clients learn all the life changing ideas and coaching you’re working so hard to give them.

3. Have Lasting Breakthroughs in a Non-Invasive and Safe Way – As a great coach, you’re asking your clients to dive into some pretty uncomfortable stuff; drag up what’s holding them back, why they’re self sabotaging, and many very personal stories. You should always be striving to create that safe space for them. Music is a great way to do this because it will help relax your clients, help them sort out the their emotions in a very safe, non-threatening way, enabling for those lasting breakthroughs to take hold.

Now it’s YOUR turn: Have you used music in your coaching practice? If so, how did you use it? How did it help your clients? Share below!

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