“Your Healthiest Brain” feat Dr. Simone Ravicz

Did you know the idea that our brains stopped developing after adolescence is totally, completely wrong? You can change your brain with the activities you do, the foods you eat, and how you live your life, at any age, so you can have your healthiest brain ever!

It was my privilege to interview Dr. Simone Ravicz on The Health Sounds Revolution Podcast on how to get your healthiest brain of your life!

Healthy Brain
This interview was jaw dropping, filled to the brim with inspirational ways you can easily change your brain, and therefore, change your entire life!

This interview definitely left me astonished, and it will you too!

Get out your pen and paper. You’re going to want to take notes, guaranteed.



In this interview, Dr. Simone shares:

  • How being a Type A and a perfectionist landed her in the hospital for three months… and she almost died twice
  • The truth about brain development and what you can do change your brain at any age!
  • How the brain is different in people who meditate
  • How changing the structure of your brain changes your lives experience
  • How visualizing is exactly the same as experiencing something… at least in our brains
  • Why exercise helps your long term memory
  • How to increase the youthfulness in your brain
  • What percentage of your thoughts are negative, what this can do for your health, and how you can change and make new, positive neuro-pathways

Dr. Simone is hosting a worldwide event called The Global Cutting Edge Coaching Event: Maximizing Your Income While Optimizing Your Client’s Result. Learn from leaders specializing in cutting edge and alternative approaches and techniques. It’s running January 23 – Feb 1st, 2017.

If you were inspired by and loved this interview, then I strongly recommend you sing up to attend The Global Cutting Edge Coaching Event.


Now it’s YOUR turn: What new nuggets of information did you learn on how to get your healthiest brain ever? Share in the comments below.


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