How to Strategically Use Music in Your Business

If you’re not using music in your business, you’re leaving out a huge area of engagement, emotion, influence, and transformation from your coaching business. But how? Are you unsure how can you do this? It’s easier than you think! Keep reading because this blog post and video are all about how to strategically use music in your business.


On a side note, this is NOT a blog post talking about all the legal issues with using music. That will be in a feature post.

Pro Tip

When you weave music into your coaching practice, be aware of this main thing: It needs to make sense with what you do in your business. The sound and feeling needs to match your brand.

To get all the juicy details, watch the video below.



Now it’s time to create that strategy! If you’re a skimmer (like me), then a bullet list will definitely help!

But first, you need to understand WHY you want to use music in your business.

  • Music influences your clients thinking, their moods, and their understanding
  • Music pulls, influences, and invokes deep emotions
  • People are motivated by emotions, not by more information
  • You want to have a business that has an emotional pull
  • Music makes your brand sticky and memorable
  • Music helps with client transformation because it taps into the subconscious mind

Pro Tip

Not only are we motivated by emotions, but 70% of what we do is because of our subconscious mind. You want to make client changes in their subconscious mind to create the easiest transformation possible, plus it will be long-term!

Here’s how to strategically use music in your business:

  • Music in videos – intros, podcasts, outro’s or exits
  • Use music in sales videos to influence people’s buying decisionsUse music in regular videos
  • Play music during slideshow videos showing recipes, etc
  • Play music during How-To videos
  • Use Recorded Guided Meditations as bonuses in programs and as a part of a freebie opt-in
  • Music playing during live event
  • Have a signature song made to play at live events
  • Play music as energy breaks at live events
  • Give guided meditation or visualization on a flash drive at live event
  • Use during live yoga classes
  • Use music during live guided meditations
  • Give in a Client Welcome Package
  • Create a Sales Page playlist for people to play while they’re browsing (never have it on auto-play though!)
  • Create a Spotify Playlist for clients to listen to
  • Give CD’s as gifts
  • Create Custom Meditations for clients

Do you want this list as a nifty PDF ready-to-print-and-use checklist? Click here to download. No opt-in or email needed. You’re welcome. 🙂 


Did anything on this list inspire you? Or do you need help knowing how to strategically use music in your business? Leave a comment below.

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