Success through Failing

Have you thought about that you have success through failing? That it’s through your darkest hours, that you find your greatest gifts?

It’s through those dark times that we are shaped and either become bitter or better. Which do you choose? If you want to become better, then today’s podcast episode is for you!

Introducing the book and movement, “Success through Failing… Finding Our Greatest Gifts in Our Darkest Hours”.


In today’s Health Sounds Revolution Podcast episode, join returning guest Wendy Bunnell to gain inspiration for your dreams as she shares about the book and project, “Success through Failing”.


In this episode, Wendy talks about:

* What it has been like working with 25 power house women
Hear how the concept of the book came about
* Discover how inspiration played a huge role in the completion of the entire project
* Why Success through Failing is not just a book… but a movement
* How you can be involved to be nurtured, have a seed of hope planted in your heart and mind, and then take action!
* What happened to get Wendy emotional on the podcast

This is a do-not-miss episode!

Special Note:
The date of the book launch has changed! Now both the digital and hard copy of the book will be available February 2nd!

Find more about Success through Failing at

Register for the Success Summit for FEBRUARY 4th, 2017 at (Live and Virtually). Click my name, Lori Cunningham, in the drop-down. Use either the code 100Humanitarians or Daysforgirls to get 30% off the ticket, for a limited time only.

If you prefer audio only, go HERE. At the end of the audio version of this episode, you’ll be able to hear the full version of the theme song I wrote for Success through Failing.

Now it’s YOUR turn! What is your success through failing? Share in the comments below.

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