The Top 3 Health Benefits of Music

If you’ve never thought about sound being a nutrient, it’s high time to start. Sound is an essential nutrient to the nervous system and benefits us greatly. What just are the health benefits of music?

Top 3 Health Benefits of Music

10 out of the 12 cranial nerves are affected by the ears, including the main nerve, the Vagus Nerve. The Vagus Nerve affects almost all the major organs of the body, so it’s important to use music in a healthy, conscious manner.

Watch today’s video to discover the Top Three Health Benefits of Music (or if you’re too impatient, read below)

In addition to the Vegus Nerve, here are the Top Three Health Benefits of Music:

1. Stress Reliever
Certain music helps release stress. Stress is one of the top detrimental health concerns today. Listening to soothing sounds can help relax us. Music can help lower blood pressure, heart pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate. It reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol. It also helps reduce anxiety.

2. Affects Hormones
Listening to and making music directly affects our hormones. Here are just a few ways music affects the production and release of hormones:

  • Decreases cortisol
  • Increases “feel good” hormones such as endorphins, which is a natural anti-depressant.
  • It releases opioids, which is a pain reliever, so it decreases chronic pain.
  • It increases the production of melotonin, which helps us sleep better and decreases depression.
  • When you make music with someone else, your brain produces oxytocin, which is a bonding hormone.

3. Heart Health
Congestive heart failure is one of the top reasons of death in the US. The University of Maryland conducted a study that found a link between listening to music and heart health. They found that when people listened to joyful, happy music that they enjoyed, their blood vessels dilated up to 26%, making it so their hearts were able to get more oxygen. When the participants listened to music they didn’t enjoy and triggered anxiety, the blood vessel diameter decreased by 6%.

Your goal is to use music and sound with the same consciousness as you use healthy food and exercise to better your health.


Now it’s YOUR turn: How do you plan on using music to increase your health? How are you going to encourage your clients to do the same? Leave a comment below!

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