Weight Loss by “Getting Your Happy Back” feat. Angela Mager

Have you tried to every way to lose weight, but nothing has worked? Maybe your weight loss efforts need a bit of a happy shift!

Introducing your new weight loss best friend, Angela Mager

I chose to feature Angela Mager on this special episode of The Health Sounds Revolution Podcast because of her unique philosophy of weight loss by “getting your happy on”.

In this podcast, Angela shares:

  • How “Getting Your Happy On” is successful for weight loss.
  • Why nursing wasn’t fulfilling because she couldn’t make the kind of impact she wanted to make.
  • Why having fun while trying new things is a great way to become healthy
  • Why our health is so much more than exercising and eating healthy.
  • How to remove the triggers from past experiences that are affecting your health now
  • How she overcame her personal struggles with getting attention.
  • Why positive psychology is the key for weight loss and our overall well-being.

Watch the interview below:

Check out this quote from our interview!

Weight Loss with Angela Mager

If you prefer to listen instead of watch, go HERE.

Find out more about Angela and her work at:

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Facebook Group – Get Your Happy Back

Now it’s YOUR turn: What is one big takeaway you had because of this interview? Leave a comment below!

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